Custom bespoke solutions

We make designing and delivering a custom token a simple process, with a focus on UX and real-world implementation. The token can be fully tailored to customer requirements, including open and closed loop solutions, and monitoring tools to ensure the token creator has maximum visibility and control of their solution

Existing Emerging Market Solution

Our existing payment token for emerging markets combines world class speed, low transaction costs and the security of blockchain technology with the freedom of a digital alternative to conventional currency

Fully Licensed Operation

Opibis operates under a licence issued by Estonia’s FIU, ensuring that we adhere to all current AML and KYC requirements

Curb risk / Heighten Engagement

A full suite of analysis tools allows token creators to closely monitor all transactions. Additionally, our available network layer is a powerful community building tool. Token creators and their community can earn transaction revenues through a rebate programme, encouraging greater activity and a thriving network

Opibis - Bringing a professional approach to payments

We are a team with a deep background in gaming that understands the challenges of emerging markets, balancing those challenges while focussing on transparency and accountability. Our token platform has been in development since 2017, with an unmatched team of blockchain and gambling experts combining to build a digital currency product that is fast, secure and, most importantly, one that everyday people can use and understand

A flexible solution with the gaming industry in mind

We are aware that the gaming industry is changing – almost daily, it seems. Emerging markets are becoming a greater part of everyone’s plan. How you operate in those markets is critical. We recognize that each market can have its own set of unique challenges and we have designed our systems to be flexible to those needs

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Financial services, providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency & providing a virtual currency wallet service